Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center of Excellence

School Information

The Dr. Joseph F. Pollack Academic Center of Excellence has built a strong reputation for delivering academic excellence by providing a strong core curriculum, developing an extensive fine arts program, and offering special needs and gifted and talented programs.

To achieve high expectations for students, the Academy emphasizes the importance of motivating students and providing a program that allows them to learn systematically and effectively. Elements key to this approach include:

  • The Kent County Collaborative Core Curriculum ("KC4"), a web-based articulation of the MDE grade specific content expectations, developed 10 years ago and used in high performing districts throughout the state;
  • Standardized benchmark testing;
  • Content, instruction and assessment (CIA) alignment;
  • Learner engagement in constructing and applying knowledge;
  • Age and learning level - appropriate accommodations and accelerations;
  • Differentiated instructional strategies; and
  • Research based, assessment and data driven instructional best practices.

In addition, the Academy's extracurricular programs (before, during, and after school) enhance the student experience with activities such as Tutoring, Gifted & Talented Education, Violin instruction, Band, Choir, Speed Stacks, Academic Games, Chess, Mentoring, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Drama Club, Dance, Basketball, and Cheerleading.

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