Director’s Welcome

Dr. Tsu-Yin Wu

Here at the Center for Health Disparities Innovation and Studies, we are thrilled that our center officially opened its door with full institutional support. We feel privileged to have the opportunity serving underserved Asian Americans and other minorities to promote health and well-being. Despite the myth that Asians are model minorities (the term you may hear to refer to subgroups of Asians with higher socio-economic status), through our work in past two decades, there are health disparities among Asians in every aspect and level.  It is the South Asian woman in her 40’s diagnosed of stage III breast cancer who could’ve had better health outcomes if she went to annual mammography screening and been diagnosed in an earlier stage. It’s the Hmong patient who got her first blood sugar testing with a number of more than 300 (when the normal value is in 100’s); she was never tested for diabetes and was not aware of such a condition when HAAP held a health fair at a church at Warren, Michigan.

In the face of such complex health care issues, we are pressed to move beyond boundaries toward a more integrated and comprehensive approach. We aim for sustainable solutions with multi-level partnerships and scientists with wide range of talents and expertise. The CHDIS is comprised of researchers and faculty members from various disciplines; together we’re working with community advocates, public health authorities and governmental offices. In the process, we listen to the voices from individuals and families regarding the challenges and barriers that they encounter.  Then we develop and implement innovative ways in responding to urgent health issues in communities.

We also welcome colleagues from outside of our university and the country to join us in various research and initiatives, which significantly strengthen our perspectives and approaches. This allows us to enhance diversity and it opens the horizon for new paradigms of knowledge and discovery.

Thank you for all the support, insights and energy that you bring to your work every day on behalf of the people we serve.  I look forward to working very closely with all of you, and welcome your input, advice and friendship.


Tsu-Yin Wu, PhD, RN, FAAN
Director, EMU Center for Health Disparities Innovation and Studies (CHDIS)
Professor and Ph.D. Program Director, EMU School of Nursing

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