Jillian Graves

A photo of Jillian Graves

Assistant Professor

Social Work

206 H Marshall


[email protected]


  • Ph.D., Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research  
  • MSW, Smith College School of Social Work
  • BA, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. Major: Modern European History


Jillian Graves has worked as a social worker in both mental health and juvenile justice settings for over 20 years in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Michigan with a focus working with people with severe mental illnesses and with adolescents in the court system with trauma and who commit violence.  Her scholarly work has focused on the experiences of family caregivers, especially siblings, in adolescent and emerging adult development, in reflexivity in qualitative research methodology and in trauma reactive violence.


  • Graves, J.M., Roche, R., Washington, V. & Sonnega, J. (2020) Assessing and Improving Students’ Collaborative Skills Using a Mental Health Simulation: A Pilot Study. Journal of Interprofessional Care.
  • Graves, J. M., Marsack-Topolewski, C. N., & Shapiro, J. (2020). Emerging Adult Siblings of Individuals with Schizophrenia: Experiences with Family Crisis. Journal of Family Issues, 0192513X20905327.
  • Marsack-Topolewski, C. N., & Graves, J. M.  (2019).  I worry about his future! Challenges to future planning for adult children with ASD.  Journal of Family Social Work, 1-15.
  • Shapiro, J., &  Graves, J.  (2018).  Adolescent brain development: A trauma-informed approach with adolescents in juvenile justice settings.  In Shapiro, J. R. & Applegate, J. S.  Neurobiology for Clinical Social Work: Theory and Practice (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobilogy).  WW Norton & Company
  • Graves, J. & Shapiro, J. (2016).  Trauma Informed Clinical Social Work Practice:  Case Composite with Court Involved Adolescent, Smith Studies in Social Work 86 (3), 204224.


  • SWRK 409 Generalist SW Practice with Girls
  • SWRK 488L4 Field Experience I
  • SWRK 505 Generalist SW Practice with Individuals
  • SWRK 595/596 Generalist Field Experience I and II
  • SWRK 610 Empowerment: Social Justice and Social Change
  • SWRK 652 Dynamics and Practice in Mental Health Settings
  • SWRK 695/696 Advance Field Experience I and II


Research Interests

  • Trauma reactive violence
  • Severe mental illness
  • Sibling identity development
  • Adolescent and emerging adult development
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Reflectivity in research methodology
  • Interprofessional Education