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Childcare Fundraising at the Children's Institute

General Mills Box Tops for Education Program

The Children's Institute can redeem the Box Tops Coupons from participating products for 10 cents each. The drop-off boxes are located in or near each classroom. There are also larger drop-off boxes located outside room 103 Rackham and in the hallway near the large gym.

The money raised from this program goes into our Family Fund, which is childcare funding support for low-income families attending the EMU Children's Institute. Get details and a list of eligible products.


Funds collected from thisĀ and other efforts help support our Family Scholarship Fund. This fund is childcare funding support for low-income families with children ages 18 months to 6 years attending the EMU Children's Institute. It is an award to help families with their tuition at the Children's Institute. Its distribution is based on both financial need and hardship. The money awarded is based upon funds contributed to the Children's Institute Family Fund.

The number of awards will vary depending upon the number of applicants that meet the requirements. It will also vary depending upon the amount of money available. The Children's Institute Family Fund maximum award is $300.00 per family. Once the $300.00 cap is reached, the family is no longer eligible for an award.

Letters inviting parents to apply will be placed in your child's mailbox at the Children's Institute.

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