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The Bachelor of Science in Cinema Studies provides skills and knowledge essential for future filmmakers and passionate film aficionados alike. Students graduate with the skills sought after in the entertainment industry and the historical and theoretical background essential to helping this popular art form grow.

After successfully earning this degree, students can pursue careers in film and video locally or nationally; potential jobs could include director, camera operator, screenwriter, sound technician, film critic, among others. Other students might opt to continue their film education at the graduate level with an eye to honing their skills for the industry or developing scholarly interests.

Our Academic Programs

The Cinema Studies major balances critical studies and production courses. It provides students with traditional classroom experiences and opportunities for hands-on learning experiences designed to cultivate an informed, critical perspective on the American and international film cultures.

Student Activities and Involvement

Videographers at EMU

Videographers at EMU develop skills in video production that can be used to build experience and stir up passion in video, journalism, marketing, and film production They welcome any and all EMU students, regardless of experience. 

Videographers at EMU shot the official music video for "Your Love" by Queso Tone.

Eagles Film Makers Association

Since 2005, Eagle Filmmakers Association has been providing a community for EMU's filmmaking student body. We share learning, experience-building, and networking opportunities through our workshops, movie productions, and connections to alumni and local filmmakers. EMFS major/minor students and any EMU students are welcome, regardless of prior filmmaking experience.

Internships or Co-op

Students in the Cinema Studies major can complete either an internship in some area of the film and video industry or an independent study of film theory & criticism and/or history. Students who choose the independent study option could satisfy this requirement by enrolling in the Study Abroad course that spends a week in Rome (when it is offered).

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