Featured Graduates

Nana Adomako, '21 MSIS

In one word, amazing. When I arrived at EMU, I had recently moved from Florida, I was unemployed, my mother had totaled my car, and I couldn’t even get an apartment so I can attend school. [Three years later] I left with two master’s degrees and offer for full-time employment from a fortune 50 technology firm. I can honestly say the experiences I had at EMU helped shape me into the man I am today. The problem-solving skills I learned, such as critical thinking and logical reasoning continually help me today in both work and life events. I learned  the obstacle truly is the way from the challenges faced at EMU. From starting school part-time, with student loans and no transportation, to becoming a full-time student and earning a graduate assistantship, EMU provided challenges to prepare me for life and I will be forever grateful.

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Haider Alrammahi, '19 MSIS

In 2012, my family and I started a new journey by moving to the US looking for new opportunities. In 2015, I attended several open house events in Michigan to explore graduate programs that would complement my background study as a computer engineer. One of those events was at EMU where I met people from the College of Business (COB) who discussed the different graduate programs that the COB offers. Initially, I was thinking about an MBA, but later I decided to get a degree in a field that was not too far from computer engineering. I liked how the Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program had classes that provide both information systems and business skills. Read more about Haider Alrammahi.

Nabeela Jaffer, '15 MSIS

I enrolled as a part-time graduate student in Eastern Michigan University’s MSIS program in 2011 and graduated in April 2015. I was one of the nontraditional students, passionate about earning a graduate degree while raising children and working as a small business owner. My bachelor’s degree was a 3-year program in Computer Science from a university in Pakistan, and I did two additional undergrad semesters at another university in Texas. The bridge program at Eastern Michigan then provided me with the opportunity to enroll in a graduate program that allowed me to explore and fulfill my passion for pursuing higher education. Read more about Nabeela Jaffer

Jimin Park,’15 MSIS

Since I was young I always wanted to study abroad. I used to imagine myself traveling around different countries, studying and experiencing a variety of cultures.” After taking Suneung (the Korean college entrance exam), Jimin Park was introduced to the Keimyung University-Eastern Michigan University Dual Degree program. “Luckily I was accepted into the program, and I started my journey in Ypsilanti in December 2010. Read more about Jimin Park.

 Christopher Robosky, '17 MSIS

As part of a medical community, Robosky applies lessons from his EMU degree every day to help reduce patient safety risks and improve care. Everything from when patients book an appointment to receiving medications after their visit is carefully studied, tracked, monitored and customized to ensure the best care and service possible for patients and their families. Read more about Chris Robosky.

Nitish Kulkarni, '15 MSIS

When I arrived at EMU, it was confusing! I had no clue what was going on! With help of the staff in the graduate programs office, I was able to get going. The first semester was challenging and it was difficult to adjust to the culture. I had a goal of finishing as quickly as possible as I had 60 credits to complete [Nitish came to EMU as a Bridge student, having earned a three-year bachelor's degree rather than four]. My second semester was better. Read more about Nitish Kulkarni.