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Another critical role in the aviation industry is aircraft dispatcher. EMU's dispatch certification curriculum is designed to help you enhance your knowledge base safety and efficiency and help you become an FAA-licensed dispatcher.

Aircraft dispatchers work with management, captain and flight crew of the aircraft to insure the safe operations of the flight. They're responsible for flight planning, weight and balance, weather planning, fuel, maintenance schedule and more. 

If you are in the aviation flight technology program, five of the seven courses below are already in your core required courses and you will only have to take two more courses to earn this certification.

Required Courses

Complete the following classes with a minimum of a "C" average:

  • AVT 170: Private Pilot Ground School
  • AVT 341: Instrument Ground School
  • AVT 215: Aviation Meteorology
  • AVT 313: Regulatory Process
  • AVT 263: Aircraft Systems
  • AVT 379: Dispatch I (CRN 17831)
  • Dispatch II (To be scheduled for winter semester)

Per FAA certification, you must have 100% attendance in the above classes. If a you're unable to attend a class, you must make-up the missed class hours. All make-up hours will be documented and must be completed in the same semester as the missed class. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility for certification. This does not apply to classes completed prior to Fall 2010. A schedule of make-up dates/times will be available at the beginning of the semester. Make-up classes must be under the supervision of a licensed dispatcher.

You must be at least 21 years old at the completion of the Dispatch II class to be eligible to take the written and practical examinations required to receive certification.

Those who are at least 21 years old, but not yet 23 years old will be issued a "letter of competency" by the issuing FAA FSDO. This letter of competency is proof you successfully completed the required examinations for certification. You'll then be able to obtain their actual FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate by contacting the issuing FSDO on your 23rd birthday. Many 135 and 121 supplemental carriers may hire you for a dispatch position based on this letter of competency. However, you'll be unable to work for 121 domestic carriers until you turn 23.


  • Aviation Meteorology is a prerequisite for Dispatch I.
  • All of the above courses must be completed prior to enrolling in Dispatch I.
  • The statement of intent must be signed.

Testing for Certification
To obtain the aircraft dispatcher certificate, you must complete a FAA written knowledge exam as well as a practical examination. The FAA written exam does not require a sign-off and can be completed at any time (must be at least 21 years old), but must be completed prior to scheduling the practical examination. You'll be responsible for rescheduling this exam with a local CATS testing center. You'll also be responsible for the cost of this written examination, which averages around $70.

You are required to obtain a sign-off prior to taking the practical examination. The instructor of the Dispatch II class will grant the sign-off based on the your demonstrated ability to pass the practical examination. You may be responsible for the cost of the practical examination, which averages $300.