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Aviation Programs

Aviation Flight Technology

Our Bachelor of Science in Aviation Flight Technology prepares you to become a professional pilot in the aviation industry. The curriculum includes specialized courses in aerodynamics, aircraft systems, automation, human factors, weather, industry regulations, and crew resource management.

Through this program, you will earn your private pilot, commercial pilot, and certified flight instructor certificates. You will also earn your instrument, complex high-performance, and multi-engine ratings.

Eastern Michigan University, jointly with the Eagle Flight Centre, is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to certify graduates as eligible to apply for the restricted privileges of an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Flight Technology may apply for an ATP with only 1,000 hours of flight time, as opposed to the standard requirement of 1,500 hours.

Aviation Management Technology

Our Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management prepares graduates for business and supervisory positions in the aviation industry.  The curriculum includes courses designed to provide aviation mangers with a strong foundation in areas such as passenger safety, airline operations, airport planning, logistics, and sound business practices.

Aviation Management majors complete a curriculum of core aviation courses, and a General Business minor. This comprehensive curriculum provides students with a body of knowledge that will ensure that they are competitive in the industry.  EMU’s location near one of the busiest airports in the country offers our students hands-on experience, while working side-by-side with industry professionals.

Aircraft Dispatch Certification

EMU’s Aircraft Dispatch curriculum prepares you to become an FAA-licensed aircraft dispatcher. Aircraft dispatchers work with management and flight crews to ensure safe flight operations, and to enhance efficiency within flight departments. Dispatchers are responsible for flight planning, aircraft weight and balance, weather planning, fuel calculations, and other critical aspects of flight operations.