The Office of K-12 STEM Outreach

Thanks to a generous gift from the GameAbove, a diverse group of Eastern Michigan University alumni, we now offer the Office of K-12 STEM Outreach within the College of Engineering and Technology. It is here where we build relationships and programs with the community, for the community. Through this office, we have established after-school programs, summer programming and college visits.

Girl learning at Digital Divas event 
Girl being filmed at Digital Divas event
Girl with laptop at Digital Divas event

Vested in our Communities

During the COVID shutdown, Digital Divas/Dudes and the Mr. October Foundation provided 425 middle school students with hands-on engagements with STEM. Both organizations provided 14 different STEM kits for each student who participated in the program. A total of 2100 kits were distributed. These kits are geared towards allowing students to have hands-on experiences with STEM career pathways.

Opening donated STEM kits for Digital Divas 
Receiving STEM kits for Digital Divas
Boxes of STEM kits donated to Digital Divas
Girl holding computer boxes



Girl holding computer boxes


Girl holding computer boxes
Girl holding computer boxes



This year we partnered with the Early College Alliance to start an all-girl high school eSports. Why girls and eSports? eSports helps to build a culture of girls and STEM. It is here where girls can become comfortable with technology while building skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. Equipping girls with laptops of their very own helps them to become more engaged with technology, and online school work. We hope to partner with more and more high schools to build more teams in the near future.