Breakout Sessions

Sessions feature STEM learning activities as well as networking with professional women and EMU students who lead hands-on sessions. This is a current list of breakout sessions for the Spring 2019 Digital Divas Conference. This list will be updated as new sessions are confirmed. A final list of breakout sessions for your conference will be sent via email to registered groups.

Be a Cosmetics Chemist with Green Ingredients

Hosted by: EMU Chemistry Dept.

Students will perform hands-on experiments to create a lip balm and hand cream and can take them home. Student will be in a doing experiment in a laboratory setting learning about the chemistry behind cosmetics.

Road to Code with Website Flight

Hosted by: Supraja Kalva

This session provides students an opportunity to learn more about website development and web applications. The students will learn more about the kinds of applications and tools available to them to start or improve their coding knowledge. They will learn about the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and much more.

Learn Agile with GE

Hosted by: General Electric

Learn about agile software development with an arts and crafts game building activity! We will be working in small groups to develop and construct our own board games all while practicing the Agile method of breaking down and dividing tasks amongst our team mates

Experimental Game Lab

Hosted by: Jennifer Schank

Design, test, and play computer games with a twist. Join a hands-on workshop where you will turn ordinary objects like marshmallows and pool noodles into a game controller!

The World of Interior Design Graphics

Hosted by: EMU Interior Design Program

The world of Interior Design is NOT matching the curtains to the pillows. There is so much more to it than that. Come to this session to find out what this major is all about! Students will use computer software- Sketchup & Photoshop- to build 3D models of residential houses and render the images. Students will take home their 3D models’ images. In addition, they will experience Virtual Reality of an interior space from design student work. will receive their 3D models’ images.

Made with Code by Google

Hosted by: Google

Spend time learning about a day in the life of a Google employee and explore how coding is part of everyday lives.

Digital Decisions: A Cyber Safety Choose Your Own Adventure Story

 Hosted by: Washtenaw Area Council for Children

Students will choose their own digital adventure story- helping the main character, Jess, a 9th grade student, make decisions as she navigates a digital connected social life on social media.

Drone Flying Demo and Other Unmanned Vehicles

Hosted by: Kyla Berry

Learn how an EMU student built a drone and get a flying demo. Find out about student projects on unmanned vehicle systems like underwater robots, drones and various ground robots

Let's do DIVA IDOL!

Hosted by: NBS

Ever wondered what it takes to put on the American Idol show? Want to try out for our DIVA Idol-for-a Day? Let’s learn about all the AV Technology in an auditorium – lights, mics, audio, projection – and put on our version of an Idol show. Work behind the scenes or perform on stage and learn to make it happen!

EMU Campus Tour

Hosted by: EMU Admissions

Every campus tour provides an opportunity to meet with and hear from our Admissions staff and take a 90-minute walking tour of campus. Your tour will include visits to the student center, residence halls and room, main classroom buildings and other areas that interest you.


Hosted by: EMU Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising Program

This is a hands on workshop will involve using patterns from the pattern design software (CAD) used for the fashion industry. Students will develop a simple 3D garment design to take home with them using design technology and creativity. Faculty with industrial experience in the FASHION field will lead the group explaining the many facets of the BUSINESS of fashion. All the technology that is involved in design develop, manufacturing, and into the new VIRTUAL merchandising realm.

If you can dream it, you can print it!

Hosted by: Roush

Students will use 3D printing (Roush Additive Manufacturing) to create pop sockets for their mobile phones. Students will work together in groups to review CAD designs, select an appealing design, then test their designs for quality. 3D printers will create the final product. Impress your friends and family by taking your pop socket home!

Extra! Extra! Build all about it

Hosted by: Promess

Come and join us for a fun and creative breakout session! You'll be put to the test to create a chair out of newspaper and duct tape. Show us your STEM skills with the strongest chair! Ready for the challenge?

Create your own mobile app

Hosted by: Mercedes-Benz Financial

When you think finance, you think money-right? Did you know that Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is on the leading edge of using new technology and trends to appeal to their customers? Join us as we tell you how to create your own leading-edge mobile phone application!

How to not Stink at Design!

Hosted by: TD Ameritrade

Have you ever tried to push a pull door? Can't figure out how to edit a post on your phone app? What do these things have in common? They are both design fails! In this workshop, you'll learn how companies like TD Ameritrade apply Design Thinking. Live a day in the life of a User Experience Designer, build a brand new product, and you'll walk away knowing how to use design science and innovation to change the world!

Brick by Brick- Building with the Construction Management Program

Hosted by: EMU Construction Management Program

In this session participants will work on a construction project while learning about the different careers in the construction industry. Students will be given information about a construction project, and act in the role of Construction Manager, Civil Engineer, Designer, or Architect. Students will create a building with materials that will be provided in a given time period.

Crimp to Connect

Hosted by: Comcast Technology starts with the crimp of a wire which connects to a world of science based problem solving (technology), team building (management), entrepreneurship (business), innovation (creativity) and more! Full STEAM ahead!

Cyber Security Boot Camp

Hosted by: EMU Women in Information Assurance

Join us to learn some basic security skills as we go into how to be safe on the web, dive into what a phishing email is, go through basic digital forensics practices, and even learn a bit about hacking!

Session offerings are subject to change.