Breakout Sessions

Sessions feature STEM learning activities as well as networking with professional women and EMU students who lead hands-on workshops.

Beyond the Limits of the Sky

Discover careers in aviation. Learn all about being a pilot. Experience some of the responsibilities and see what it's like to have a "cubical in the sky" by having an opportunity to fly in a simulator.

Create Your Own Mobile App

Did you know that Mercedes-Benz Financial Services uses new technology and trends to appeal to customers? Join us as we tell you about our business and teach you how to create your own leading edge mobile app.

Digital Decisions: A Cyber Safety Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose your own digital adventure story exploring real life consequences of our technology-based connectedness. Learn more about cyberbullying, sexting and online predators.

Discover Bio-Engineering: Help an Injured Animal Walk Again

Learn about important factors to keep in mind when designing prosthetic devices. Engineer and test a device to allow Derby the dog to walk again.

EMU Campus Tour

Hear from our admissions staff and take a 60-minute walking tour of campus. Visit to the Student Center, residence halls and rooms, main classroom buildings, Halle Library, recreation building and other areas.

Experimental Game Lab

Design, test and play computer games with a twist. Join a hands-on workshop where you will turn ordinary objects like marshmallows and pool noodles into a game controllers.


Develop a simple, 3-D apparel garment design to take home. Learn the aspects of buying, product development and merchandising.

Let’s do DIVA Idol!

Ever wondered what it takes to put on the American Idol show? Learn about the AV technology—lights, mics, audio projection—and put on our version of the show. Actual karaoke competition with prizes.

Lightning Strikes STEM

We'll discuss how FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) operates, demo one of our robots and teach you how to drive it.

Made With Code: Learn About Code with Google

Spend time learning about a day in the life of a Googler and explore how coding is a part of our everyday lives. Use the Made with Code website to do hands-on coding.

Unmanned Aerial System (Drone) Sector 

Learn about the latest trends in this STEM-rich field and look at emerging drone technologies. You'll be able to test-flight several drone models to get a feel for drone operation.