Breakout Sessions

Sessions feature STEM learning activities as well as networking with professional women and EMU students who lead hands-on sessions. We have included a list of previously offered sessions to help future participants get an idea of the types of sessions that may be offered at their conference. A final list of breakout sessions for your conference will be sent via email to registered groups. 

Be the Boss at a LED Light-up Greeting Card Studio!

Have fun learning how LED lights and electronic circuits work, by creating your own winter-themed holiday light up greeting card. Next, we’ll team up and build a brand new and creative product together, while using Product Development principles used every day at TD Ameritrade. Get ready to be the Boss!


Be a Cosmetics Chemist with Green Ingredients

Students will perform hands-on experiments to create a lip balm and hand cream, and can take them home. Student will be in a laboratory setting learning about the chemistry behind cosmetics.


Create your own mobile app

When you think finance, you think money-right? Did you know that Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is on the leading edge of using new technology and trends to appeal to their customers? Join us as we tell you how to create your own leading edge mobile phone application!


Drag, Drop, and Roll with Scratch and OzoBots

Students will learn coding concepts with drag and drop techniques using ozobots and Scratch.


Drones, Robotics & Neuroscience

An overview of some of the top emerging STEM-related sectors. There will be hands-on use of drones, robotics and neuroscience technology including the opportunity for participants to control each others' limbs and robotic claws via brainwaves. Participants will also be able to listen to and view their brainwaves, as well as their muscle output. This session will increase familiarity and comfort levels concerning these technologies.

Digital Decisions: A Cyber Safety Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Students will choose their own digital adventure story- helping the main character, Jess, a 9th grade student, make decisions as she navigates a digital connected social life on social media.

EMU Campus Tour

Every campus tour provides an opportunity to meet with and hear from our Admissions staff and take a 90 minute walking tour of campus. Your tour will include visits to the student center, residence halls and room, main classroom buildings and other areas that interest you.

Experimental Game Lab

Design, test, and play computer games with a twist. Join a hands-on workshop where you will turn ordinary objects like marshmallows and pool noodles into a game controller!


This is a hands on workshop will involve using patterns from the pattern design software(CAD) used for the fashion industry. Students will develop a simple 3D garment design to take home with them using design technology and creativity. Faculty with industrial experience in the FASHION field will lead the group explaining the many facets of the BUSINESS of fashion. All the technology that is involved in design develop, manufacturing, and into the new VIRTUAL merchandising realm.


Interior Design

Students will use computer software- Sketchup & Photoshop- to build 3D models of residential houses and render the images. Students will receive their 3D models’ images.

Lightning Strikes STEM

Lightning Robotics team  will talk about how STEM education and teamwork is promoted through the FIRST Robotics program. Get a chance to drive a robot

Made with Code led by Google

Spend time learning about a day in the life of a Google employee and explore how coding is part of everyday lives.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Learn the basics of orthotics and prosthetics including making a mold of your finger and 3 D printing.


Software Development is a SNAP

Join female technologists from Duo Security to learn about the software development cycle and the roles that play into it. Students will take on those roles as the build a project of their own that can be shared with friends and family.

Train to be a ZooKeeper for the GE Zoo

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my! come help us train our animals at the GE Zoo. You will work in groups to train your selected animal by programming it to complete a set of tasks. At the end of each session, each group will showcase their exhibit to the other trainers.