Marshall Thomsen

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Physics and Astronomy Department

240F Strong Hall


[email protected]

Interests and Expertise

Research Interests
  • Ethical issues in physics
  • Thermodynamics and microclimates
  • Statistical mechanics of model magnetic systems
  • Computational modeling

Publications and Presentations

  • Marshall Thomsen. “Ethical Issues Inside and Outside the Physics Lab.” Book chapter in Handbook of Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity, Ron Iphofen, editor. Springer, 2019. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-76040-7_60-1

  • Marshall Thomsen. An Instructor’s Guide for Ethics Education in Physics.  Online Ethics Center (2019).
  •  Beth Kubitskey and Marshall Thomsen. "Human Subjects Research and the Physics Classroom". The Physics Teacher, Volume 50, Issue 6, pp. 363-364 (2012).  DOI:10.1119/1.4745691

  • Marshall Thomsen. "The Ground State of XY Chains With Nearest and Next Nearest Neighbour Interactions". Philosophical Magazine 92: 160–167 (2012).
  • Marshall Thomsen. "NSF Ethics Education Requirements". Physics and Society 39 no. 3 pp. 20–21 (2010).
  • Gregory Bee, Katherine Ballentine and Marshall Thomsen. "Realistic Problems Involving Thermal Conductivity". American Journal of Physics 76 970–974 (2008).
  • Marshall Thomsen. "A Course Treating Ethical Issues in Physics". Science and Engineering Ethics 13 117–127 (2007).


Editor, Computer, Math, and Physical Sciences Field, Online Ethics Center (administered by the University of Virginia)

Member, American Physical Society Ethics Committee (2019-2020)

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