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Patrick Koehn


 ** Dr. Koehn is currently serving as an IPA Program Scientist at NASA. **




Ph.D. (Atmospheric and Space Sciences), University of Michigan, 2002

M. S. (Atmospheric and Space Sciences), University of Michigan, 1999

B. S. (Physics) (Highest Honors), University of Michigan, 1995

Interests and Expertise

Planetary Science

Radio Astronomy

Solar and Heliospheric Physics

Spacecraft Instrumentation


Reviewed Publications:

Zurbuchen, Thomas H., Jim M. Raines, George Gloeckler, Stamatios M. Krimigis, James A. Slavin, Patrick L. Koehn, Rosemary M. Killen, Ann L. Sprague, Ralph L. McNutt, Jr., and Sean C. Solomon, MESSENGER Observations of the Composition of Mercury’s Ionized Exosphere and Plasma Environment, Science, 321, 90, 2008.

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 Koehn, P.L. and A. Sprague, Solar Oxygen and Calcium in Mercury’s Exosphere, Planetary and Space Science, 55, 1530-1540, 2007.

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Andrews, G. B., T. H. Zurbuchen, B. H. Mauk, H. Malcom, L. A. Fisk, G. Gloeckler, G. C. Ho, J. S. Kelley, P. L. Koehn, T. W. LeFevere, S. S. Livi, R. A. Lundgren, and J. M. Raines, The Energetic Particle and Plasma Spectrometer instrument on the MESSENGER spacecraft, Space Science Reviews, 131, Numbers 1-4, 2007.

Domingue, D. L., P. L. Koehn, R. M. Killen, A. L. Sprague, M. Sarantos, A. F. Cheng, E. T. Bradley, and W. E. McClintock, Mercury’s atmosphere: A surface-bounded exosphere, Space Science Reviews, 131, Numbers 1-4, 2007.

M. Gruntman, R.L. McNutt, Jr., R.E. Gold, S.M. Krimigis, E.C. Roelof, J.C. Leary, G. Gloeckler, P.L. Koehn, W.S. Kurth, S.R. Oleson, and D. Fiehler, Innovative Explorer Mission to Interstellar Space, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 59, N.2, 71–75, 2006.

Sturm, B., He, Z., Zurbuchen, T, and Koehn, P., Investigation of the characteristics and temperature effects of CdZnTe crystals, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 52, 2068-2075, 2005.

Koehn, P. L., T. H. Zurbuchen, G. Gloeckler, R. A. Lundgren, contributors to: Calibration Techniques for in-situ Particle Instruments, ESA Publications, 2004.

Zurbuchen, T. H., P. Koehn, L. A. Fisk, T. Gombosi, G. Gloeckler, K. Kabin, On the space environment of Mercury, Adv. Sp. Res., 33, 1884-1889, 2004.

Koehn, P. L., Development of the Fast Imaging Plasma Spectrometer and its Application in the Plasma Environment at Mercury.  Ph.D. Thesis, defended September, 2002.

Koehn, P. L., T. H. Zurbuchen, G. Gloeckler, R. A. Lundgren, and L. A. Fisk Measuring the plasma environment at Mercury: The Fast Imaging Plasma Spectrometer,  Meteor. and Planet. Sci., 37, 1173-1190, 2002.


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