Apply For Housing: First-Year Students

Special Notice: Please be advised that the first-year application process has been updated to reflect our new practices. We HIGHLY recommend that you read this webpage in its entirety to best understand how we are moving forward with the first-year application process.

The information below is still subject to change given potential and ongoing changes to COVID-19 recommendations and mandates.

If Eastern Michigan University makes a decision to close residence halls prior to the start of the Fall 2020 semester, the student will be refunded the $150 paid deposit.

The housing application for first-year students will open Monday, May 4, 2020, at 10 a.m. and will close Sunday, June 21, at 11:55 p.m.

Students are highly encouraged to apply as soon as possible during the above time-frame in order to have time to find a roommate. 


The first-year housing application broken into two parts:

  • Part One: This part of the application is where you submit your contract, make your $150 non-refundable prepayment, and search for and connect with a roommate for the upcoming academic year. You will also pick your meal plan AND give your housing preferences for assignment purposes.
  • Part Two: Housing will make room assignments after the housing application closes on Sunday, June 21. Students will have access to see their assignments within the housing application once notified via email later in the summer. Students who have created a roommate group with another student will be assigned together.
  • Part One Details

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    The first item you will complete in part one is your $150 non-refundable prepayment. This prepayment cannot be waived or charged to your student account. Your prepayment is applied to your student account before school starts to help pay any balance you may owe.

    Signing your 2020-2021 Housing & Dining Services contract is next. How you complete this depends on your current age:

    • If you are under 18 at the time you apply, you are required to submit a co-signed contract. We help you complete this by collecting your legal guardian's contact information and email them a copy of the co-sign contract. You need to review the contract with your legal guardian, and both fill out the bottom portion of the co-sign contract. You need to take the signed document and create a digital PDF. The application will prompt you to upload your co-signed contract as a PDF file. Once you have attached your PDF file to your application, our staff will review and verify the signatures. As soon as the document is approved, you will be able to continue the application process. This takes at least one business day for us to process.
    • If you are over the age of 18 at the time you apply, make sure you read through the application before signing it electronically! The contract is legally-binding, and you will be held accountable to all items listed within the contract. Please make sure to contact us with your questions prior to signing.

    After you've completed the contract pages, you'll be asked a variety of questions related to your student status, emergency contact person, any Living-Learning and Theme Community preferences, and your housing needs. This pages are very simple to complete.

    Meal Plans are next! Selecting a meal plan is a two-step process. Each meal plan has two parts: a swipe plan and a flex amount. Students will first be asked to pick what type of swipe plan they would like to purchase. Next, students are given different amounts of flex dollars to pick from to complete their meal plan.

    Next, you'll be asked to create a personal description and answer our roommate matching questions. Your personal description is a text box where you write a little bit about yourself, introducing yourself to any potential roommates. The roommate matching questions helps our system match you with other students based on a variety of personal items, and provides you a way to search for compatible roommates.

    Once you know who you want as a roommate for the upcoming academic year, you and your roommate will follow the directions to create a roommate group together.

    After you have found a roommate, ALL STUDENTS are encouraged to go back in the application to the Housing Preferences page. This is the page where you gave us your preferences on what building you'd like to live in. Both you AND your roommate need to have the same preferences, otherwise we will have difficulty making an assignment for you. If you and your roommate are interested in living in a Living-Learning/Theme Community, you both need to have that LLTC selected from the LLTC pages. Again, if you both don't have the same LLTC selected, we will have difficulty placing you.

  • Part Two DetailsExpand dropdown

    Once the housing application closes on Sunday, June 21, Housing will begin making assignments of all students into spaces. This process is done in a certain order. First, we will assign all those in a roommate group with another student into spaces. Next, we will make assignment for all other students into the available open spaces.

    This process will take some time to complete. Once all assignments are made for those who applied and made the prepayment before the June 21 deadline, students will be contacted via email. At this point, students will have access to go back into the housing application to review their assignment details.

Process for Late Applicants

Students who cannot apply before 11:55 p.m. June 21, 2020, may be able to apply later in the summer if space is available. This is not guaranteed and is dependent on whether or not we have any open spaces left on campus. Housing will make this determination in mid-July after assignments have been finalized for all those that applied before the deadline.

Students who apply late will still write a personal description and answer roommate matching questions, but do not have the ability to request a roommate. Housing will make assignments for late applicants on a weekly basis. Students will receive an email once their assignment has been made.

Please review the questions below for further clarification:

  • What are my housing options?Expand dropdown

    First-year students are eligible to live in doubles in a variety of buildings on campus. A double means that you are sharing a room with another student. The majority of our doubles are in suite-form. A suite is two double rooms connected with a shared bathroom. Students share their bedroom with one other student and the bathroom with all students assigned to the suite.

    The only building that is not suite-style housing is Wise Hall. Wise Hall is community bathroom housing. Students in Wise share a room with one other student. The bathroom facilities are community-style, and are used by all of the students on the floor.

    For further details on your housing options, please visit the "First-Year Students" page. This link will take you to a menu of all of the different halls that offer first-year housing.

  • What should I write in my personal description?Expand dropdown

    Your personal description should include anything that you want other eligible students to know about you. This description is something that everyone looking for a roommate will see! You'll want to mention and likes/dislikes or if you have any things that are "deal-breakers". For example, if you are allergic to smoke and can't live with someone who smokes, you should mention this so other students know.

    You should also mention if you are interested in any of our Living-Learning Communities. For example, if you are in Honors, you'll need to find a roommate that is also in Honors.

    Lastly, we HIGHLY recommend that you put ways potential roommates can contact you in your personal description. The messaging system within the application is not the best, and it is way easier for students to communicate via text, phone, or on social media.

  • How can I find a roommate?

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    To help you find a roommate, our application process is a great place to find compatible roommates. Within the application, after you complete your personal description and answer your roommate matching questions, you will come to a page titled "Find Your Roommate & Make a Group".

    On this page you will find a variety of ways to search for a roommate. The best starting places are:

    • Suggest % match Roommates: This link will give you a list of all eligible students and your percentage (%) match. The percentage is based on analyzing how you and the other student answered the roommate matching questions.
    • Search Using Questions & Answers: This link allows you to search for eligible students based off the questions that are important to you and the desired answer you'd like your roommate to have. For example, one of our questions is "Being an ally to the LGBTQA+ community is..." If this is important to me, I can select this question and indicate I want to see students who answered this question as "Absolutely Essential." You can select to search using as many question answers as you'd like, but we recommend you limit your number of preferred answers to one or two in order to get more results. 

    To help students connect, we recommend that students write their contact or social media information into their personal profiles. That way, if you find someone interesting using the application search features, you can quickly contact them using the information in their profile.

  • What if I already know my intended roommate?Expand dropdown

    If you already know who you want as a roommate, you need to follow the directions and create a roommate group with them.

    Before either of you creates a group, talk to one another about who should be the group leader. The group leader will be the person who will assign you both to beds in the same space. Whoever you want picking the space should create the group, which makes them the group leader.

    Once the group is created, the group leader will use the "Search for Specific Roommate" to find the other student in the system. The group leader will then send a request to the other student to join the group. The other student must log into the application and accept the request from the group leader.

  • Can I request my suite-mates?Expand dropdown

    No. First-year students can only request and form a group with one other student (their roommate). Given limitations on available space for the upcoming school year, we will not accept or honor requests on this matter from students.

  • What if I don't find a roommate by June 21?Expand dropdown

    Sometimes, student don't connect with anyone, or apply right before the deadline and have no time left to find a roommate.

    If you don't find a roommate before the deadline, you will be randomly assigned to a space with another student using your answers to your roommate matching questions.

  • Why is the application closed starting June 21?Expand dropdown

    We close all of our application process at the end of June in order to process housing and meal plan charges in time to have them on your account for the first E-Bills issued in July. Doing so helps students anticipate their costs and more time to sign-up for payment plans.

  • How do I pick my meal plan?Expand dropdown

    First-year students select their meal plan within the housing application.

    Selecting a meal plan is a two-step process. Each meal plan has two parts: a swipe plan and a flex amount. Students will first be asked to pick what type of swipe plan they would like to purchase. Next, students are given different amounts of flex dollars to pick from to complete their meal plan.

  • Do I have to pick a meal plan?Expand dropdown

    Yes, all first-year students are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans must be purchased through the housing application process.

  • How can I see my assignment details?Expand dropdown

    Details of your housing assignment, including information on the other students assigned to your suite, can be found on the last page of the housing application. All previous pages of the application must be complete before you can access the final page.

    Students will not have access to this page until the first round of assignments is complete. Notification of access to this page will be sent out via email to all eligible students in later summer. We anticipate sending this notification in mid July.

  • When is move-in?Expand dropdown

    First-year student move-in begins on Friday, August 28, 2020. Move-in details will be sent to your active email address at the beginning of August 2020.

Application Access

  • Please log-into our online application portal using your emich user name and password. You will also have to dual-authenticate with DUO in order to enter the application.
  • Students must use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari; Internet Explorer is not compatible with our system.
  • Make sure to clear your cache prior to logging into the application. You should do this each time to log in to ensure proper performance.

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