Global Village

Global Village Community

Location: N/A. This community is not being offered for 2022/2023 academic year.

Global Village Community is a space where international and domestic students come together for the purpose of cultural exchange and development of a Global perspective. We seek to prepare students to engage in the world as global citizens. Our community is offering to partner international and domestic students with a purpose of intercultural learning, to enhance the intellectual and social growth of all EMU student residents, as well as encourage a higher level of global awareness in the lager EMU community.

Global Village Community Pillars

Cross Cultural Development

Our community is focusing on broadening the multicultural competence level in both domestic and international students through a variety of activities, and integrating cross cultural competence skill building into the community programming. We hope to improve international student’s understanding of the US higher education system and how to succeed academically at EMU.  

Professional Development

More and more employers are looking for graduates with cross-cultural skills able to navigate the ever-evolving diverse cultural settings. Our community will support students in building their professional resumes with a focus on the global skills they are able to acquire through the participation in events, coursework, programs and volunteering. Professional development events with a focus on the global environment will assist students in building their cross-cultural skills and knowing how to market those skills to future employers.

Global Leadership

In the current environment, leaders with a more global focus are needed in the workforce. In our community, students will begin to develop leadership skills necessary for their future professional success. Leadership starts with small steps that allow others to make necessary changes and get inspired. Our students leaders are encouraged to find their sense of purpose and develop leadership qualities in the safety of community support.


Our campus community plays an important role in bridging cultural barriers and making EMU campus a more diverse and accepting environment. We aim to promote interpersonal and academic success by addressing cultural differences and increasing the understanding of our educational environment. On and off campus community engagement is aimed to improve integration of international and domestic students with their environment, allowing both to feel ownership for the development of a more culturally sensitive unified Global community. This community is ideal for domestic students interested in other internationally focused programs on campus, globally focused academic courses, and participation in the study abroad program. It is also a place where international students will have a better chance to learn about American culture, education and build friendships with domestic students.

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