Sisterhood Scholars Community

Sisterhood Scholars

Location: Wise Hall.

The Sisterhood Scholars Program is a first-year student experience designed to increase retention and graduation rates for students identifying as Women of Color. The Sisterhood Scholars program is housed within the Academic Success Partnerships (ASP) office, which is a department committed to creating an inclusive campus environment for all students and providing them with necessary tools and resources to be successful in work, school, and life.

Through collaborative university partnerships, the Sisterhood Scholars program guides students in their transition to college by providing an extended orientation, a residential community, designated courses, mentorship and workshops. Dedicated staff facilitate programming centered around three key developmental areas: academic, human and socio-cultural. Students are connected to staff, faculty, alumni and community members in order to provide them with a network of support throughout their collegiate journey and beyond.

Sisterhood Scholars Community Pillars

Professional Development and Leadership

Students will participate in professional development programming to strengthen their existing skills and enhance their ability to persist in college and their professional careers. Program topics consists of: time management, organization, resume writing, financial literacy, applying for jobs and interview preparation. Students will also be equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes to build awareness of themselves and the world in which we reside to develop their capacity to be leaders during their tenure on campus and beyond.

Academic Success

Academic success is crucial to students’ college completion. Students will learn about the culture of academics at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) through interactions with faculty and staff members and exposure to on-campus resources that are available to aid in their academic achievement.

Health and Wellness

Students will learn strategies to maintain a healthy work-life balance to improve their physical, emotional, and mental well-being while managing academic requirements and extracurricular activities.

Community Involvement

Respect and reciprocity are essential to the cornerstone of society. Students will engage with the community in which they reside and gain important life lessons to enhance their college experience. Students will learn how to be active participants in various facets of their community, both on and off campus.

How Can You Apply?

Further information about the community, eligibility requirements, community standards, and application information can be found by visiting the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Scholars webpage. Please note that you must be accepted to the program in order to live in the Sisterhood community.

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