7th & 8th Floors Hoyt Hall

This community is for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, or any other sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Allies and friends are also invited to live in this community. Students will work to create a supportive and inclusive community that encourages academic and personal growth. Residents can expect programming that explores gender and sexual identities and will be tied into campus departments like the LGBT Resource Center.

SPECTRUM Community Pillars

Identity: The process in which we define our individual and group membership within multiple social identities as an LGBTQA person.

Advocacy: Actions that support, defend, and foster inclusion and equality for all.

Visibility: An effort to increase awareness and knowledge of the LGBTQA community at Eastern Michigan University.

Inclusion: An inclusive environment enables students to benefit from education by being actively engaged, creating a safe environment, and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere where diversity is celebrated.

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