Faculty of Eastern Michigan University’s Criminology and Anthropology Programs Urge Administrators to Drop All Disciplinary Action Against Student Activists

We, the faculty of the Criminology and Anthropology programs at Eastern Michigan University, would like to express that we are both saddened and outraged at the recent displays of hate speech on our campus, as well as the hate crimes in our community and across the country.

As expressed by our colleagues across campus, we too believe it is a time for listening, compassion, and action.  We often encourage students in our classes to take action against hate.  Many of us teach our students the value of civil disobedience, public engagement, and peaceful protest.  We teach our students how these practices have led to important social changes, including repealing of unjust laws and public policies.

As such, we were deeply upset to learn that the administration at Eastern Michigan University has continued to pursue charging peaceful student demonstrators with violations of the student code of conduct.  These students took action and bravely spoke out against terrorism, hate, and white supremacy.  Participants in the student center sit-in are examples for all of us.  They are leaders.  These students channeled the activism of the greatest social justice advocates of history to send the message that white supremacy at Eastern Michigan University will not be tolerated.

We urge the administration to drop all disciplinary action against the students.


The Faculty of the Criminology and Anthropology Programs at Eastern Michigan University

Each of us has signed the petition asking administrators to drop disciplinary charges against the students; if you have not already done so, please consider signing the petition.

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