Summer 2021 Accomplishments

As we wrap-up both the calendar and academic year, we wanted to pause for a moment to acknowledge the accomplishments of our esteemed faculty members. Particularly, we want to celebrate their achievements during Summer 2021. The next time you see one of our faculty members, please take a moment to congratulate them on their great work! Here's a sample of what SAC faculty accomplished this past summer.

Professor Bradley Ensor
  • Published his fourth book entitled The Not Very Patrilocal European Neolithic: Strontium, aDNA, and Archaeological Kinship Analyses
  • Published an article entitled "Crow-Omaha and the Future of Kin Term Research"
  • Launched a new long-term archaeological project along the coast of South-Central Veracruz with a month-long field season in August. Whereas Gulf Coast archaeology traditionally emphasizes farming societies of the interior alluvial plains, the Proyecto Arqueológico Lagunas Camaronera y Alvarado(PALCA), initiated in 2021 with an American Philosophical Society Franklin Grant, is investigating lifeways and political economies at prehispanic settlements threatened by accelerating shoreline erosion at these lagoons and adjacent coastline of South-Central Veracruz, Mexico.
Professor Paul Leighton
Professor Rita Shah

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