Joyce Cha, BA, Eastern Michigan University, 2010



I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2010 with a bachelor's in history and a minor in sociology. That same year, during the fall, I was recruited to work as an education administrator at an English-language kindergarten in my father's hometown, Busan, South Korea, where I worked for three months. My main purpose of moving to South Korea was to get back in touch with my family heritage and, frankly, to learn more about everything. After about three months, I proceeded to move to the larger city of Seoul, where my mother grew up, to work as a reading comprehension/English teacher at The Princeton Review, Seoul branch. While working at The Princeton Review full time, I interned at a local PR company called Metacommunications. After living in Seoul for a little over a year, I was recruited to work for CFI Group, a global market consulting firm, in Shanghai, China. During fall of 2011, I moved to Shanghai on temporary employment. After my contract had expired, I found a full-time job as assistant executive with Edelman PR, the world's largest PR firm, where my team and I have worked with clients including Johnson & Johnson, Mars Co., Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Starbucks and Hilton Hotel & Resorts. I plan to remain with this company and this country for a couple more years to learn and gain more experience in the field of PR as well as to fulfill my consistent hunger for personal growth.



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