Kyle D. Kordell, BA, Eastern Michigan University, 2011



I graduated EMU spring of 2011 with a major in applied sociology and minor in writing. A foundation in applied sociology has given me a solid start in understanding and participating in complex organizations. I am graduating from Northern Illinois University in May 2013 with a master's in public administration with a focus on local government management. Sociological knowledge should be used to improve living conditions for the society it studies and this application of theory is why I have pursued an education in public administration.

While in graduate school, I have also been actively involved in local government as an Administrative Intern at the Village of Kenilworth, a north Chicago suburb. Future plans include becoming a City Manager and facing the challenges of growing populations, including outdated infrastructure, local food networks, environmental sustainability, and government accountability. I am committed to professional management in local government and look forward to working with others who share my passion for building well-functioning and well-ran communities.


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