Meet the Team

Dr. Rita Shah


Rita is an assistant professor of criminology. She is a cultural criminologist with an interest in questioning how we think about and frame corrections and correctional systems.

[email protected]

Candice Tutor

Graduate Assistant and Student Liaison

Candice is a graduate student in criminology and criminal justice at Eastern Michigan University. Her area of interest is mental health/illness and incarceration, including trauma and the impact of incarceration on mental health. After graduation she hopes to get her doctorate in clinical psychology to become a correctional psychologist, along with furthering her research interests.

[email protected]

CaraMia Bertoni

Graphic Designer

CaraMia is an MFA Graphic Design candidate at Eastern Michigan University. She received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Graphic Design in December 2016 from Eastern Michigan University. In the art world, she also loves to make paintings with ink and watercolor. Outside of the art world she is a coffee and tea fanatic, loves watching anime, and enjoys a good book.

[email protected]

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