Jennifer M. Hatten-Flisher

A photo of Jennifer Hatten-Flisher

Lecturer II

Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology


[email protected]


Interests and Expertise

  • Popular culture
  • Gender, race and class issues
  • Media crime myths
  • Critical criminology theory
  • Political sociology
  • Violence against women


Jennifer Hatten-Flisher is a lecturer II in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology. She has been teaching criminology and sociology courses at Eastern Michigan University since 1999. Prior to becoming a lecturer in the department, Ms. Hatten-Flisher was awarded a full graduate assistantship in the criminology program. A few of her current research interests include race, class and gender issues, popular culture, political sociology, feminist theories and the social construction of crime myths. Ms. Hatten-Flisher is actively involved in socio-political issues. She worked on two political campaigns during the last election cycle and is a strong believer in “everyday activism” for a variety of causes. She recently celebrated a twenty-year relationship milestone with her husband, Bob. They have two sons, Chasen and Xan, nearing their teens. Together, they enjoy traveling, snorkeling and spontaneous adventures.