Creating a New Page in Modern Campus CMS

Step by Step Instructions

  1. The first step to creating a new page is to write your content (get tips to help). Once your content is ready to go, log in to Modern Campus CMS.
  2. Next, determine if this page is going to be a part of a new section on your site or a single page of content. If you are creating a new section (with multiple new pages), the first thing you'll do is create a new folder.
  3. If you created a folder, click into it. If not, click into the folder where your new content will live.
    A look at the folder view

  4. Once you are in that folder, click on the "new" button and choose "interior page".

    A look at the Interior Page button.

  5. The form below will appear. Here's which fields to complete and how:
    • Page title: Put in your page title. Be sure your title has proper grammar and spelling. Example: "Financial Aid Documents". 
    • Description: Add a description. Your description should be at least 25 words in full sentences describing what the user will find on the page. Example: "Find all the documents needed to apply for financial aid including FASFA instructions, scholarship applications and requirements and contact information for assistance."
    • Filename: The next element to fill out is the file name field. Just like with folder names, image and document names,file name should be:
      • One to two words
      • Separated by dashes (not underscores)
      • Lowercase letters
      • No symbols
        A view of the Interior Page form.

  6. Then click Create.
  7. Once you have populated your new page with content meeting University standards, you may request to have this page added to your navigation by filling out a web request.

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