Through web editor training, you learned how to manage the content elements on your site, adding pages, saving and publishing them. These how-tos are provided to aid you in the various tasks necessary to maintain your site.

Modern Campus CMS (formerly Omni CMS)

A content management system or CMS is a software application that helps users manage their digital content. Eastern Michigan University's CMS is called Modern Campus CMS (formerly Omni CMS). Below are various categories of how-tos to remind you of the steps involved in each web editing task in our CMS.

If you log into your site by clicking an "E" at the top of the page, follow the instructions below:

If you log into your site by clicking a lock at the bottom of the page, follow these instructions:

These situations do not apply to the web editors in general and are only required in certain circumstances.


EMU Today

Though EMU Today is not part of the Modern Campus CMS, we have seen an increase in web editors being asked to submit calendar events and/or campus announcements. We have provided these how-tos to help you with this task.

Writing for the Web

Writing for the web focuses on providing your audience with the information they want and need while giving them a pleasant user experience. You also want to engage their interest so they spend more time on your site, allowing them to discover the information you want to share.