Replacing an Image

  1. Name the new image the exact same as the one you are going to replace. Reminder: filenames should have no capital letters and hyphens/dashes instead of spaces.
  2. Select the Upload button.
    This image shows the Upload button.

  3. Click "add" and search your computer for the new image or drag it from the desktop.

    This image shows the window for adding a new image.

  4. If you have named the image correctly, the file should appear in the box in red. Check the Overwrite Existing box to overwrite the old image.
    This image shows the Overwrite Existing box.
  5. Click Start Upload.
    This image shows the Upload button.

  6. Hover over the filename in the folder and click publish. 

    A visual of publish

  7. Your image is now ready to be used.

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