Insert a Section Anchor in an Modern Campus CMS Page

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these directions to insert an anchor on a page in Modern Campus CMS. 

  1. Place your cursor where you want the link to take people on the page. Click the anchor icon in the upper right near the link icon.

    NOTE: The top of the page will be the line after the line you have selected to insert your anchor tag.

    Inserting a Section Anchor in a Page in Modern Campus CMS

  2. Put in a name for your anchor with no spaces and all lowercase and click save.

    Entering the section anchor ID

  3. Click the insert/edit link button on the edit toolbar.

    NOTE: You can also right click and use the insert/edit link option that comes up.

    Inserting a Link in a Page in Modern Campus CMS

  4. The insert/edit link window is displayed. Leave the URL blank and enter the “Text to display”. Next, select the drop-down menu under anchors and select the name of your anchor. The URL will automatically be filled with #YourAnchorName. Next click SAVE to insert the link.

    Select the section anchor name

  5. The link is inserted into the selected editable region. When you are finished making edits, click the save button on the toolbar.

    Inserting a Link in a Page in Modern Campus CMS

  6. Click the publish button and then click the "View in new window" link. This will bring up your new page. Click on your link and make sure it is working.

    Preview Page

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