Philosophy & Goals

The Women’s and Gender Studies program of Eastern Michigan University maintains a commitment to interdisciplinary perspectives that investigate the intersections of gender with race, ethnicity, class and sexual or affectional orientation, in order to "embrace the experiences, voices, and concerns of all those who have been excluded from academic tradition." Thus, the goals of this program include:

  • To promote the interdisciplinary study of gender and multicultural issues by offering a comprehensive curriculum that reflects the endeavor of the larger academic community of women’s studies scholars.
  • To promote an understanding by teaching and research of how gender operates in a variety of societal contexts and in relationship to other societal and cultural variables.
  • To inspire free expression and development of each student’s own critical perspective on gender and women’s issues. This includes helping students to develop effective thinking, evaluation and communication skills.
  • To motivate and prepare students for further graduate work and/or positions in the private and public sectors.
  • To aid students in the application of theories about gender to significant social and policy issues.

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