Graduate Students

Tara McCutchen

Tara is interested in working with youth of color and effective mentoring. She received her bachelor’s degree from EMU in psychology with a minor in social work. She likes to spend her free time painting, drawing, listening to music and watching TV.

Angela Leonard

Angela Leonard graduated from Michigan Technological University (MTU) with a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering in 1993.  Since then, she has been employed as an engineer and a practicing licensed Professional Engineering (PE) in 13 other States.  In 2012, she started a consulting engineering firm, BEL Environmental Engineering, LLC (BEL), with two partners.  Currently, she is a Principal Owner and the Managing Partner of BEL.  Angela is pursuing her Master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies seeking  a formal education, knowledge and understanding of the social and cultural influences that have molded the reality and roles of women throughout history with a final goal of early retirement from engineering to become an Assault Response Advocate.

Motunrayo Agboola

Motunrayo is an international student hailing from Oyo state, Nigeria, she achieved her bachelor's degrees in English and Literary Studies in 2021 at Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, Ondo state. Her academic journey then led her to pursue a master's degree Women’s and Gender Studies. With a focus on gendered and domestic violence, Motunrayo is deeply engaged in research within her field.
In addition to her academic pursuits, Motunrayo has taken on the role of a graduate assistant in the Women’s and Gender Studies department, showcasing her dedication to both learning and contributing to her chosen discipline. Beyond the academic realm, Motunrayo finds joy in her leisure activities. Whether it's immersing herself in movies, expressing herself through dance, or enjoying the therapeutic effect of music, she embraces a well-rounded approach to life.

Lenny Lamping

Lenny is a master’s student at Eastern Michigan University studying gender identity and expression, romantic and sexual relationships, queer theory, and the psychology of sexuality. They received their BA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience in 2016 and hope to continue their education in psychology and empirical research in the future. Outside of academia, Lenny works part-time for the student housing cooperatives in Ann Arbor, plays roller derby under the pseudonym "Nutritional Yeet," and is the doting parent of two eccentric cats. 

 Vern Hapman

Vern received their Bachelor's degree in English Literature as well as Psychology at Michigan State University in 2015. Spending years in Chicago working various jobs in many industries, they have a passion for youth work, art as therapy, and LGBTQ+ rights. Outside of school,  she teaches reformer pilates to adults and art to K-5 students, and spends free time crafting, reading, or in nature.

 Megan Dilyard

Megan earned her bachelors degree in psychology with a minor in LGBTQ+ studies in 2022 from Grand Valley State University. From there Megan transferred to Easter Michigan University to begin her masters in women and gender studies. She is also serving as a graduate assistant for the 2023-2024 school year. Megan’s goal is to one day be an instructor in her field teaching women and gender studies. Her research interests lie in neurodiversity, queer theory, and the depictions of women and LGBTQ+ individuals in the media. Outside of Megan’s educational pursuits she really enjoys reading fantasy novels, playing video games, and spending time with her cats. 

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