Kathryn Ziegler

A photo of Kathryn Ziegler


Women's and Gender Studies

714 Pray Harrold


[email protected]


  • Ph.D., Communication and Women's and Gender Studies, Southern Illinois University, 2008
  • MA, Communication, Eastern Michigan University, 1998
  • BS, Communication and Journalism, Eastern Michigan University, 1996

Interests and Expertise

  • Teaching women's studies and gender to incarcerated populations
  • Many conference presentations
  • Mentoring students in independent research
  • Being on theses committees
  • Queer and feminist social movements
  • Genderqueer representations in history
  • Third wave feminist theory and practices


  • WGST 200: Introduction to Women's Studies
  • WGST 202: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • WGST 202: Inside Out Prison Exchange Program Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • WGST450: Masculinities

Publications and Presentations

  • "Should Same-sex Queer Women Get Married? Making a Home on Contested Terrain of Feminism, Queer politics, and Gay Marriage Rights." Presented to the 2010 National Women's Studies Annual Conference in Denver, Co.
  • "Formidable-femininity:" Women's Gender Performance of Third Wave Feminism accepted to the March, 2010 Southeastern Women's Studies Annual Conference. South Carolina University, Columbia, SC.
  • "Ways that female masculinity is a queer performance of feminist activism." Presented to the April, 2009 University of Wisconsin, Madison, 33rd Annual Wisconsin Women's Studies and 4th Annual LGBTQ Conference.
  • "Fighting and Formidable-Femininity as a Form of Third Wave Feminist Gender and Activism." Presented to the April, 2008 Ohio State University "F" Words of Feminist Scholarship Conference.
  • "Everyday Leaders and Everyday Activism in Third Wave Feminism." Presented to the April, 2004 Beloit College Third Wave Feminist Conference.