FASTforWARD is an initiative that has been developed to specifically address wellness issues among students in the FSL community at EMU. Fraternities and Sororities Together for Wellness and Responsible Decision-making, also known as FASTforWARD, is a new strategy including a series of programs designed to address concerns involving alcohol awareness and confrontation, mental health and sexual assault in the social environment. This campaign will also utilize a variety of avenues for generating awareness of these issues within the community in addition to promoting healthy decision making. Any chapter that has 80% of their members attend the 4 core programs in a calendar year will be recognized as a Five Star FASTforWARD Chapter.

FASTforWARD Peer Educators

Central to the success of this campaign will be the role of the FASTforWARD Peer Educators. These leaders within the Fraternity and Sorority community will take on the following commitments:

  • Serve as peer facilitators for FASTforWARD programming series
  • Serve as a contact within chapters for issues related to health and wellness
  • Be positive role models of healthy behaviors within the Fraternity and Sorority community
  • Advocate and promote FASTforWARD programs and initiatives within the Fraternity and Sorority community
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of FASTforWARD programs and initiatives

Fill out the application here if you are interested in being a FASTforWARD Peer Educator!

FASTforWARD Peer Educator Application closes on August 20th!

FASTforWARD Programming Series 


The following programs are available for you to request to bring to your chapter meetings:

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*Policies Affecting You (Core Program) - Peer Educator Team

This presentation will make participants aware of the many policies that affect members of social Greek letter organizations at EMU, including the Fraternity & Sorority Life Social Policy and the Student Conduct Code Special Provisions for Fraternity & Sorority Life members.  Students will learn about these policies in a fun, game-show format, and also have the chance to ask any questions about current policy changes and other local/state laws. 

Academic Wellness - Available for Chapters to Facilitate

This program is as perfect for the chapter looking to make an academic turnaround as it is for the chapter looking to maintain the high standards they have already achieved. This one hour session will give individual members tools to improve their academic ability by helping to connect them with, and educate them on the use of the academic support resources on our campus.

How to Help a Friend- Presented by CAPS

Are you concerned about a friend’s behavior or emotional state? Are you wondering if there is anything you can do to help? Sometimes, just talking with your friend openly about your concerns can help. It might, though, be difficult to know what to say—or it might become clear that talking will not be enough. In this training, an EMU CAPS clinician will discuss common mental health concerns that your friends may be struggling with, how to share these concerns with friends, guidelines for listening, healthy confrontation techniques, and how to make a referral to CAPS.

Title IX: Sexual Misconduct & Sex-Based Discrimination- Peer Educator Team

In this interactive session participants will learn about the laws and policies that make up Title IX, as well as the proper procedures to make a report to the EMU Title IX Office. This presentation will also cover prohibited conduct, consent, and provide resources for students to use and share with their peers.

Professional Development- Peer Educator Team

In this session we will discuss how you can use the skills you've gained as a member of a fraternity or sorority to help you as you transition into your career. We will cover resume tips, networking and resources specifically for fraternity & sorority life members.