Questions For Parents New to Fraternity and Sorority Life

Having a child join Fraternity and Sorority Life can be an overwhelming experience for parents who are new to Fraternity and Sorority Life and are unsure of what to expect. Here are some questions that you may want to discuss to understand the experience your child is signing up for:

  • How does the chapter's grade point average compare to the All-Fraternity and Sorority and All-University averages?
  • What does the chapter and the Fraternity and Sorority Life community do to promote scholastic achievement?
  • How much time is spent on FSL-related activities? What time is mandatory and what time is optional?
  • Are new members treated the same as active members? Do they have the same privileges?
  • What are the financial obligations? What is included? Where does the money go?
  • Is there a special weekend for parents or other activities that parents are invited to attend?
  • If the chapter has a house, what features does it offer and how is it maintained?
  • If the chapter has a house, are the members expected to live in it? And if so, for how long?
  • Are there alumni who are actively involved in the chapter and house management?
  • In what ways does the chapter contribute to the larger Fraternity and Sorority Life community? To the University? To the surrounding Ypsilanti community?
  • What type of programming does the chapter offer? 
  • What risk management procedures does the chapter implement to ensure safety at social events?
  • What opportunities are there for leadership development? Do members participate in other campus organizations?
  • Is the chapter part of an inter/national organization that provides oversight?
  • Has the chapter been sanctioned by the council, school, or inter/national organization for misconduct? Is it on a probationary or other special status?
  • What does the new member process consist of?

If you have concerns or questions about the activities taking place in your child's organization, please contact a member of The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.