Greeks Learning Alcohol Safety Seminar (GLASS)


GLASS is an alcohol safety seminar that is put on in collaboration with our Council Executive Boards and the Office of Wellness and Community Responsibility to provide Greek students with the education they need to promote a safe environment when alcohol is involved. 

Attendees will learn the basics about what alcohol does in your body and how to be responsible while drinking. You'll leave the program reciting 0-1-3 and promoting safe decisions with alcohol for you and your friends. The interactive program will also help you understand what can happen when alcohol use becomes abusive. You'll learn the signs of alcohol abuse and will practice skills for having those caring conversations to intervene when needed. 

Register for GLASS Training

Use the links below to register for a GLASS training session. Dates prior to Homecoming are available only to active members, whereas new members will be allowed to attend after Homecoming. 

Fall 2021:

November 8th: 4-6pm

December 6th: 6-8pm

 Winter 2022:

January 24th: 2-4pm

February 14th: 4-6pm

March 21st: 6-8pm

Active Bystander Intervention Training

Fall 2021:

November 9th: 4-6pm

December 7th: 6-8pm

Winter 2022:

January 25th: 2-4pm

February 15th: 4-6pm






Campus Life, 345 Student Center, 900 Oakwood Dr., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 734.487.3045 [email protected]