Recipe for a Healthy Relationship

Ingredients to Build a Healthy Relationship

  • Add a dash of sharing your day with each other
  • Add plenty of daily cuddle time
  • Generously mix in some expression of appreciation for each other
  • Add toleration for what your partner can’t change
  • Sparingly stir in complaining, but do not blame
  • Add lots of clearly expressing your needs
  • Measure in sharing activities with each other
  • Make sure to always discuss your problems and concerns, so that they don’t bubble up
  • Sift out harsh judgment and criticism
  • Make sure not to take the relationship for granted
  • Top with loving your partner for who he/she is, not your idealization of him/her

Myths About the Perfect Relationship

Many people have expectations of relationships that are unrealistic. Here are common myths about what love means:

  • You should always be able to anticipate my thoughts, feelings and needs
  • You should always make me happy
  • Never having to be angry or upset with each other
  • Always wanting to be together
  • You will always respect, understand and accept me no matter what I might do
  • Our level of affection and commitment must never decline
  • We must always be in agreement with one another
  • You will fulfill all my dreams