CAPS offers a variety of mental health care services to EMU students, including counseling and psychiatry. Our services are confidential, and free (with the exception of psychiatry). We are located in the Campus Wellness Center. Please monitor how we are providing services during the pandemic. 

Our Staff

Our professional staff are licensed and experienced mental health professionals. In addition, clients may be seen by post-doctoral trainees, post-master's trainees and graduate students from the departments of psychology, social work and leadership and counseling while supervised by professional staff. Meet our staff.


Only students enrolled half-time or more at EMU are eligible for services at CAPS. Therapy services are free of charge, however if your student is seeking medication, they may need to employ insurance. We provide short term treatment, with a maximum of 12 sessions per academic year. 

  • The Process

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    To schedule a first appointment, your student will call 734.487.1118 or come to the EMU Campus Wellness Center between 8–5 p.m., Monday—Friday. The first appointment is scheduled for 90 minutes for paperwork and meeting with a therapist who will ask questions to clarify the current situation and get a past history. The therapist will discuss treatment options with them. We'll make every effort to see that they receive the best available care, whether it is on or off campus.
  • Walk-ins and Emergencies

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    Both emergency consultation and crisis counseling are available in person or by telephone. If a student is dealing with an urgent situation or crisis during regular business hours, they can come into the office and request to be seen by a therapist as soon as possible. Students needing an emergency appointment should arrive no later than 4 p.m. so we have time to help them.
  • Confidentiality

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    As a parent, it's understandable that you would want to know about the services your child is receiving. However, confidentiality in the mental health arena is a professionally and legally complex issue. Treating information confidentially means not releasing it to anyone outside of CAPS without written consent, including parents. Our staff understands this may be difficult; however we are legally and ethically required to maintain these standards. What may be helpful to know is, students are often willing to sign a release of information allowing the therapist to discuss their concerns with their parents.

    For a number of personal reasons, there are students who are not willing to sign a release of information. In these cases, we cannot release information without our client’s permission, unless we determine that the student is a danger to self or others; in situations involving child or adult abuse or neglect; court orders or the subpoena of records.

  • If You're Concerned About Your Student

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    If you're concerned about your student, it might be helpful to say something like "You don't seem to be yourself lately and I’m worried about you. Have you thought about talking to someone? I think it would be good for you to talk with an objective person to sort out whatever is bothering you. Will you call Counseling and Psychological Services and make an appointment?"

    You may also call and talk to one of our senior staff about your concerns regarding your child.


  • Students in Need of Medication Monitoring

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    CAPS offers limited psychiatry appointments for medication. Psychiatry appointments are not free but we accept EMU student insurance and many forms of Blue Cross. Call us for more information about ways to pay for psychiatric services or if you have any questions. It is important that your student comes to EMU with enough medication to last until s/he can receive services. 

Additional Resources

We have many self-help articles for students to read, but here are a few that may be of interest for parents.