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While You Are Waiting

At EMU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), we place a high priority on being accessible to students and aim to see students in a timely manner. At some times of the year the demand for services exceeds our staff resources and there is a longer wait to see a counselor. When this occurs, the wait time for an initial appointment can be two–three weeks. We recognize that coming to counseling takes courage and that waiting can be frustrating. Please know we are doing our best to assist students with a minimal wait while maintaining the highest quality of care. Visit our site for online screenings and more information.

If you are waiting or if you'd like to consider an alternative to individual counseling appointment at CAPS, consider the following resources.

Feeling Better 101

Feeling Better 101 is a free three-session workshop offered by CAPS. Times will be announced later in the semester. Space is limited, so you must register ahead of time for these workshops by calling 734.487.1118.

Campus Clinics

Counseling Clinic
135 Porter Building

Psychology Clinic
611 Cross Street (near Tower Inn)

Physicians and Therapists

If you are considering medication, contact your family physician.

Check with your health insurance company for a list of therapists in the area. There is often a phone number for mental health services on the back of the insurance card. Many insurance companies also have a website that lets you look at therapists.

You can also browse profiles of local therapists at Psychology Today.

Call CAPS Immediately

If your concerns become urgent, please call CAPS immediately. We consider the following to be emergencies:

  • Urges to hurt yourself or someone else
  • Recent assault
  • Recent death of loved one
  • Hearing voices that aren’t there
  • Psychotic or manic episodes

Emergencies during Evenings and Weekends

For psychological emergencies during the evenings or weekends, try these resources:

  • CAPS has an after-hours crisis phone service that students may use whenever CAPS is closed (evenings, weekends, holidays) by calling 734.487.1118.
  • Crisis text line: Text "Hello" to 741741
  • Suicide hotlines: 1.800.273.8255 or 1.800.784.2433
  • If you live on campus and have an emergency, call the campus police (734.487.1222).
  • Go to your closest emergency room.
  • Ulifeline is an organization dedicated to suicide prevention.
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