Advisory Board

The Transfer Partnerships Advisory Board is made up of representatives from EMU and our partner community colleges.

The purpose of the advisory board is to provide insight and advice to the provost, faculty and staff of EMU on ways to improve services and processes that affect transfer students; to foster communication and collaboration with our community college partners; and to provide a forum for sharing information and ideas about current issues in higher education. 

  • EMU Board Members

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    • Doris Fields, Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • Colleen Kibin, Director, Community College Relations
    • Doug Baker, Associate Dean,  College or Arts and Sciences
    • Christine Lancaster, Director, Student Support, Teacher Preparation Unit
    • Mohamad Qatu, Dean of the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology
    • Christina Shell, Registrar
    • Calvin McFarland, Director of Academic Advising & Career Planning


  • Community Colleges Represented on the Board

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    • Henry Ford College
    • Jackson College
    • Lansing Community College
    • Macomb Community College
    • Monroe County Community College
    • Mott Community College
    • Oakland Community College
    • Schoolcraft College
    • Washtenaw Community College
    • Wayne County Community College District


  • Meetings

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    Transfer Partnerships Board meetings are held annually.
  • Past Projects

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    • Annual community college transfer student reports
    • Transfer student focus groups
    • Transfer process improvements - transfer course update project
    • Faculty to faculty meetings in Computer Information Systems and Teacher Education
    • EMU staff/advisor survey
    • Community college survey
    • Improvements to Transfer Partnerships website
    • Articulation tracking project


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