Process for Developing Articulation Agreements

  1. Request made to EMU Office of Transfer Partnerships
    • Request entered in articulation database
    • File established for agreement
  2. Establish interest and priority
    • Request is discussed with departments at EMU and community college  
    • Priority is determined based on criteria such as potential number of
      students and benefits of using an agreement as opposed to a transfer guide
    • If interest is expressed by both institutions, a draft agreement is
  3. Draft agreement
    • First draft is reviewed by EMU faculty and faculty/staff
       at the community college 
    • Subsequent drafts are revised and reviewed until parties at both
       institutions reach agreement 
  4. Conduct additional reviews
    • Draft is reviewed by Academic Programming Office
    • Requested changes documented
  5. Sign documents
    • Documents are signed at EMU and then sent to the community
      college for signing
  6. Articulation agreement and guides are distributed at EMU
    • Copies are sent to all relevant parties
    • The articulation guide is posted to the CCR webpage

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