About Us

The office of Transfer Partnerships (formerly office of Community College Relations) works collaboratively with the faculty and staff of EMU and community colleges to enhance the educational transition process for community college students. Our purpose is to promote a seamless transfer process minimizing the loss of academic credit and time in obtaining a bachelor's degree.

Our services include:

Providing articulation agreement guides for students and advisors
Assisting students with transfer issues
Facilitating collaborative arrangements with community colleges such as faculty meetings, professional workshops, joint promotion of articulation agreements and student activities
Maintaining and updating articulation agreements
Providing support to community college faculty and staff regarding transfer student issues including articulation and transfer equivalency
Communicating with EMU faculty and staff regarding community college transfer issues
Supporting the evaluation of community college courses for equivalent credit
Providing articulation updates for counselors and advisors
Collaborating with the EMU Admission Office in sponsoring Community College Day and other events
Facilitating the Transfer Partnerships Advisory Board

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