Lay Health Advisor (LHA) Program in Mid-Western U.S.

Program Overview

In 2009-2013, with funding support from Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Mid-Michigan Affiliate, HAAP reduced the health disparity for the under served and uninsured Asian American population in the Washtenaw County and Lansing area, Michigan. Asian American women have the lowest breast cancer screening rates and much higher mortality rates due to late detection compared to all other ethnic groups. Using evidence-based approaches, HAAP delivered language specific and culturally appropriate breast health information to more than 1,500 Asian American women, and provided clinical breast exams and facilitate access to mammograms and follow-up care.

Program Strategies 

  • Conducting educational seminars in collaboration with community partners
  • Rectifying existing and training new Lay Health Advisors (LHA) for promoting breast health and preventative screenings within Asian American communities.
  • Providing clinical breast exams and training on breast exams.
  • Collaborating with existing BCCCP-contracted clinics for uninsured women to enroll into the program and provide assistance as needed.
  • Providing support and follow-ups for insured women to schedule mammograms with the health care providers to ensure that proper screening is completed in a timely manner.