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Potential students are strongly encouraged to view the informational webinar (new webinar will be available soon) or attend an on-campus group advising session, after reading the catalog page to get information on the application process. Please attend an information session or listen to the webinar prior to scheduling an individual appointment with the intent advisor. 


  • What is Occupational Therapy?

    Occupational Therapy (OT) “focuses on the things you want and need to do in your daily life. Occupational therapy intervention uses everyday life activities (occupations) to promote health, well-being, and your ability to participate in the important activities in your life. This includes any meaningful activity that a person wants to accomplish, including taking care of yourself and your family, working, volunteering, going to school, among many others.” (American Occupational Therapy Association, 2024).


    To learn more about Occupational Therapy visit the American Occupational Therapy Association ( or the National Board Cerification for Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) Why Choose OT Initiative.

  • Group Advising Sessions

    Group information sessions will be held:


    • Tuesday, January 23, 2024 from 5-6pm
    • Tuesday, February 20, 2024 from 12-1pm
    • Tuesday, March 19, 2024 from 5-6pm
    • Tuesday, April 16, 2024 from 12-1pm

    RSVPs are strongly encouraged by emailing [email protected] 

    To join via Zoom:

    Meeting ID: 859 5135 4849

    Passcode: 472509

    *Meetings start promptly at 12 or 5.


    If you cannot make one of the sessions above or if you have questions about the application process to the OT program contact Sharon Holt, OT intent advisor, preferably at [email protected] or call 734.487.3398.

  • Advisor Information

    Sharon Holt, M.H.S., O.T.R.L.
    260 Rackham Hall
    [email protected]

  • What Students Say about the EMU OT Program

  • Engage with Current and Future OT Students
    If you are an EMU student you can join the Student Occupational Therapy Association at any time.  Email [email protected] to learn more and sign up.  It is a great way to meet current and future OT students, learn about the program, and engage in SOTA sponsored events. 

We strive to provide clear and attainable minimum admission requirements. New students enter the program annually in January (winter semester).  To apply to start January 2025, the application cycle opens January 2, 2024 and closes June 1, 2024. To be considered, the program requires a completed Occupational Therapy Centralized Application System (OTCAS) application and supplemental processing fee of $35 fully completed and paid by the June 1st deadline.

  • Application Overview: Minimum Requirements /  Health & Educational Requirements

    Minimum Requirements - 

    The following are the minimum requirements for an application to be reviewed and evaluated by the Program Admission Committee. All admissions requirements must be met to have a chance at being admitted. Simply meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee progression to the interview stage of the admissions process or to acceptance into the OT program.

    By June 1, 2024 all of the following must be fully submitted and verified by OTCAS and the EMU OT Program:

    • A complete application submitted through OTCAS which includes:
      • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
      • Letters of reference (3-5)
      • A minimum of 20 total OT observation hours split between 2 different settings. 
      • Supporting documentation section highlighting experiences (work, volunteer, leadership, research, etc) 
      • Personal statement
    • All appropriate OTCAS application fees
    • Non-refundable processing Fee of $35 paid to the EMU OT program through EMU ebill.


    Health & Educational Requirements

    To comply with affiliation agreement requirements and to ensure the health and safety of clients at our fieldwork sites, all students must complete a criminal background check and the following health and educational requirements upon admission to the EMU OT program and/or annually:

    • Hepatitis B series
    • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) titer Varicella titer
    • Tetanus Immunization(TDap or Td)
    • 2-step Tuberculosis (TB) skin test (required annually)
    • Influenza (required annually)
    • Physical examination (required annually, only the approved department form will be accepted)
    • Proof of health insurance coverage (required annually)
    • CPR certification and first aid training (coordinated by the program)
    • OSHA/Blood Borne Pathogens training (required annually and coordinated by the program)
    • HIPAA training (required annually and coordinated by the program)
    • Criminal Background Check (required annually)
  • How do I Apply?

    Combined OT (COT)

    If you will not have a completed bachelor degree prior to the start date of January, 2025, but will have at least 90 completed credit hours, choose the Combined Occupational Therapy applicant option on OTCAS.

    Masters of OT (MOT)

    If you have completed or will complete a bachelor degree before the start date of January, 2025 choose the Master of Occupational Therapy applicant option on OTCAS.

  • Pre-admission Coursework

    If you have taken a course within the required course time frames and are unsure if it would qualify as an approved course, please email us ([email protected]) with the following information:

    • College or university name
    • Course number and title
    • Course credit hours (must designate: semester hour, quarter hour, etc.)
    • Date completed/will be completed
    • Grade on transcript (if completed)
    • Active link to the website of the specific course in the course catalog or a copy of the course syllabus

    If you have taken a course that is older than the required course time frame, but are interested in using this towards an application requirement, please email us ([email protected]).

    Find out what pre-admission courses are required. 

    Please use the information below to assist you with choosing courses from other colleges and Universities for the pre-admission course requirements.

    Pre-Admission Courses Michigan
    Pre-Admission Courses Ohio

  • Observation Hours

    A minimum of 20 total hours of volunteering or observation with occupational therapists in at
    least two different settings must be completed in the three years prior to the application deadline. Document your observation hours under the Observation Hours section of OTCAS. No other documentation forms are required for observation hours.

    The OT program does not assist applicants with locating observation hours.

    Applicants who complete OCTH 100: Orientation to OT or OCTH 201L2: Exploring Occupational Performance in the Community [GELB] will be identified as having fulfilled the full observation hours requirement for application. 

    If you are having difficulty with locating observation hours check out ClinEdWeb's Virtual Course: Intro to OT - 20 Observation Hours at or Simucase's Guided Observation Program at

    This course will provide an introductory understanding of occupational therapy practice. Purchase of this course will provide access for 120 days with provision of a Certificate of Completion that can be uploaded to OTCAS as evidence of observation hours.  The module provides virtual observation of real occupational therapy practitioners and clients in a variety of settings and populations. 

  • The Application Process & Fee

    EMU OTCAS will open January 2 of each year. To locate us, please click Add A Program on the OTCAS homepage and then Filters. Before January 2, 2024 the EMU OTCAS application can be located under Future Programs. If it is after June 1, 2024, we are located under Past Programs. Applicants can begin their application on OTCAS at any time before EMU OTCAS opens.

    All applicants to OTCAS must also submit a secondary non-refundable processing fee of $35.00 before applications will be fully reviewed. Please submit via eBill.

    For further information about a “complete” OTCAS application, visit the OTCAS Applicant Help Center via chat on the OTCAS website, phone (617.612.2860) or email ([email protected]).


Contact us with your specific questions via email [email protected] (preferred) or phone (734.487.3398). The EMU OT program admissions requirements are subject to change without advance notice.

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