Fieldwork is an integrated part of the OT curriculum and designed to meet the mission and philosophy of the OT program and the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) standards. By the end of the fieldwork experience, students will be competent, entry-level, generalist occupational therapists. EMU OT Fieldwork Program is designed to offer three separate Level I (part-time) experiences and two Level II (full-time) experiences.

  • Level I

    The level I fieldwork program at EMU provides students with the opportunity to directly connect what they are learning in the classroom to hands-on faculty- led fieldwork experiences. 

    EMU OT Program curriculum follows a developmental lifespan sequence, supporting students to develop OT practice skills to effectively provide services to clients across the lifespan.  Within this structure, fieldwork opportunities provide students exposure to OT practice in three separate Level I experiences in pediatrics, adults, and older adults. To prepare students for level II fieldwork, the level I fieldwork program is designed to increase in rigor for each rotation. 

    Level I experiences are designed to provide services to community members and provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the OT process while being empowered, mentored and coached by an EMU faculty member. 

    The program at EMU consistently requests student feedback to ensure the student perspective is shared with the faculty. 

    Student Feedback:
    • “We were able to apply what we were learning in the classroom by applying the OT process to our sessions and finding activities based on evidence-based practice.” 
    • “This experience frequently shaped my practical knowledge that I needed in order to understand certain concepts in the classroom.” 
    • “I strongly believe this experience was highly effective in enhancing my classroom learning. Although this placement was intimidating to begin with considering we were responsible for various things, it allowed for me to be pushed out of my comfort zone and promoted plenty of growth within myself both personally and professionally.” 
  • Level II 

    The second level of OT fieldwork provides students with a supervised full-time experience focused on the application of the academically acquired body of knowledge.  Students are supervised by a licensed or registered occupational therapist with a minimum of one year of practice experience and supported by EMU’s Academic Fieldwork Coordinator (AFWC).  A minimum of 24 weeks of full-time fieldwork is required for successful completion of the Level II fieldwork experience. 

    EMU has strong relationships with many community agencies, K-12 education districts, healthcare systems, and other OT service providers in developing quality Level II experiences. 

    Placement in Level II FW experiences includes: 

    Students are provided information, including prior student evaluations, to level II fieldwork rotations for their fieldwork cycle. 
    Students meet with the AFWC independently to discuss their interests, learning styles, past experiences and other factors in considering a level II placement. The AFWC supports students during this process and ensures that students have a well rounded level II experience that prepares them to meet the goal of being an entry-level, generalist, OT practitioner.  
    Students create a prioritized list indicating interest in fieldwork sites, after meeting with the AFWC, and before final placements are made. 

    Student Feedback:
    • “This site is amazing and I learned so much. There is a mix of outpatient and inpatient so you are able to get the full experience. The CI's are so sweet and care about your learning and the therapy team themselves are very good at communicating. Since the hospital is smaller, you see every floor to get experience with all medical diagnosis. I highly recommend this placement.”
    • “Such an amazing experience and unique experience to work with a population that is often looked over. It was perfect, the best experience I’ve had with fieldwork.” 

Additional information about the fieldwork program is available for fieldwork educators. 

  • Agency Requirements 

    In addition to the OT program requirements, students may need to complete other tests, vaccinations and applications dictated by the legal contract process. Students may be responsible for the costs incurred from these requirements. Examples of additional items include:

    • Fingerprinting
    • Drug screen
    • Additional background checks
    • Polio Vaccine

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Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
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