The Second Annual IPE Sim Day!


Editor's Note:

On November 16th, the College of Health and Human Services held its Second Annual IPE Simulation Day. The IPE Sim Day is a simulation exercise that allows students from each of the different majors of the CHHS to work with one another while treating a standardized patient. Students gain experience in dealing with other specialities while working with patients in a realistic, safe situation.

This event was conducted at the Rackham building on EMU’s campus and the EMU & St. Joe’s Simulation center on St. Joe’s Ann Arbor campus. Students at either location were divided into multiple groups to treat a standardized patient. The patients played their roles to perfection. The students worked hard to treat them correctly while also taking care to interact with their patients in a calm and friendly manner.

Overall, the students learned a lot about working in a realistic patient scenario and the other majors. By learning to work and adapt to a patient’s needs in real-time, the students realized just how important it is to communicate and work alongside with other healthcare professionals. Check out the video below to see footage of the simulations and some of what the students learned from the 2nd Annual IPE Sim Day!

Thank you to all the staff, faculty and standardized patients who participated and made this all possible! It wouldn’t have been possible without them.