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Course Substitutions

Each Program course is part of the curriculum because it is designed to impart skills and competencies that are essential or useful to paralegals and other legal professionals. Substitutions for required Program courses will be granted only under exceptional circumstances, and only if the student can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Program Coordinator that he or she has the competencies of the course for which substitution is being sought. In every case, a student seeking a course substitution must obtain the permission of the Program Coordinator before taking the course that the student will seek to have substituted for a Program course.

Course Substitution Paperwork

If the Program Coordinator approves a Program course substitution, you are responsible for completing the paperwork necessary to have the substitution made a part of your University record. The required course substitution form and instructions for completing the form are available from the Program Coordinator or in the STS Main Office, 122 Sill Hall.