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The Brotherhood and Sisterhood (BHSH) Scholars Program uses a holistic approach to assist first-year students during their transition to postsecondary education and adulthood.

Although this program is open to all racial and ethnic backgrounds, it will likely prove particularly meaningful and helpful to students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds such as those identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous [and] People of Color).This program is located within the office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), a university department committed to creating an inclusive environment for students and providing access to supportive resources to empower students to achieve their personal, academic and professional goals.

Two cohorts exist within our program: Brotherhood Scholars for students identifying as men and Sisterhood Scholars for students identifying as women. Through student-centered programming facilitated by dedicated staff and faculty, we work to instill a strong sense of community, embolden students to strengthen their academic performance and stamina on their path toward degree completion. Our collaborative university partnerships offer an extended orientation, a residential living-learning community, designated courses, academic coaching, mentorship, and structured workshops.


Why Should You Join?

We help scholars develop leadership skills, create a sense of wellbeing, and teach them how to thrive as a community by providing:

  • A living-learning residential community (LLC) where students build relationships with like-minded individuals: All program scholars should select the BHSH LLC located on the 5th Floor of Sellers Hall, if you are not commuting
  • Culturally relevant cohort courses specifically for Brotherhood & Sisterhood Scholars
  • A designated success coach to meet with regularly throughout the first year, to equip students with the learning tools needed to ensure students are staying on track academically and progressing towards graduation
  • Help with adjusting to work life balance and expectations
  • A community of support services and resources to help students succeed at EMU
  • Enhancement of academic rigor and stamina especially in the areas of critical thinking, decision making, and habits essential to college success
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Programming centered around essential student developmental areas

Program Benefits

Brotherhood & Sisterhood has several main goals:

  • To help participants adjust to university life and transition into adult independence.
  • To provide a community of support and advocacy to help students  succeed at EMU.
  • To help students build long lasting friendships and bonding in the living learning community. 
  • To strengthen academic abilities especially in the areas of Math, English, critical thinking, and habits essential to collegiate success.
  • To provide students with wrap-around academic support, personal and professional development, and mentorship that will help them persist and complete their degrees.

Program Services

  • Academic advising and coaching
  • Interactive monthly workshops
  • Scholarship opportunities and additional resources
  • Designated floors in residential hall (Sellers Hall) for program participants residing on campus
  • Programming centered around essential developmental areas: academic, socio-cultural, and human

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