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LGBTRC Signature Events

  • BBQueer

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    Typically held within the first three weeks of Fall semester, this event kicks off a new academic year.

    BBQueer 2023

    Thursday, September 7th from 5pm-7:30 pm on the Student Center Patio: Come join the LGBT Resource Center in our annual fall kick-off. BBQueer will host Drag Bingo, music, prizes, bbq, and ways to connect and be supported all year. All welcome.

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  • OUTober 

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    October is LGBTQ+ History Month and jam packed with LGBTQ+ awareness days. We plan events all month long to educate the campus community and build social connections with LGBQT+ folks and allies. Many of the educational programs are eligible for LBC Credit. Each year we also coordinate volunteers to construct a 2,000 mini flag display showcasing Eastern’s Pride for the LGBTQ+ community. Check the events calendar for specific event details. 
  • Pride Prom

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    Many LGBTQ+ folks do not get to show up to school dances as their true selves, or with their true partner. Every March, we make up for this by hosting our own Pride Prom - a themed dance where everyone can be who they are and be with who they love. Complete with free food and a raffle. Check the events calendar for specific event details.

  • Lavender Celebration

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    Started in 1991 by the University of Michigan, Lavender Celebration seeks to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of LGBTQ+ graduating students each year in April. Graduates receive a lavender cord and LGBTQ+ themed lapel pin. We also recognize leaders and allies who have made a positive impact in the community throughout the year. Check the events calendar for specific event details.


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