Cyber Patriot

Contributed by Center of Excellence with the National CyberPatriot Program.


Follow along with the slide show [PDF]


Our Mission:  

  • To increase the number of Michigan Schools participating in the national CyberPatriot Program.  
  • To make sure that every team playing in the competition has a cybersecurity professional as a mentor.
  • To make sure every team participating has the equipment and training need to succeed.
  • To make sure every teacher that wants to become a coach for a CyberPatriot team has our support.
  • To show these students the pathway from Middle School,  High School, Community College and on to a Bachelors and Masters degree in Cybersecurity.  To help fill the great need we have for properly trained and educated Cybersecurity professionals.
  • To Continue to hold a "Free" Michigan Spring Celebration for all of our teams participating and to award the Michigan State 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of play for all three divisions.
  • To continue to hold several CyberPatriot Summer camps across Michigan.