Extra, Extra, Build All About It!

Contributed by Stephanie Price, EMU alumna and Software Engineer at Promess


You have 45 minutes to put your design skills to the test and build a chair.  Be creative and test your design! Can it hold a stack of books? How about your own body weight? You can have a competition with your siblings to see how much weight each chair can hold. Pile books on each chair until the strongest chair is left standing. 


  • Newspaper
  • Duct Tape

Your chair should have:

  • Legs
  • A back
  • A seat

The rest is up to you!


Promess was formed as a Michigan Corporation in 1984 to provide the manufacturing industry with in-process monitoring systems. Specializing in force and torque monitoring applications, Promess quickly developed a worldwide reputation for supplying state-of-the-art, "turnkey" sensing and test systems. In 1989 Promess entered the motion control arena, developing a fully electric, ball screw assembly press with built in force monitoring. This was a first step in using process data measured in real time to close the loop on motion control. Additional developments followed in both the pressing and torque testing areas.

While still specializing in force and torque measuring systems Promess continued to develop systems that utilize various sensors, including pressure, flow, laser and temperature transducers to measure and react to process variables, adjusting the process in real time to produce good parts each and every cycle.

Today Promess is known as the manufacturer of complete turnkey monitoring and motion systems used in a wide variety of Assembly and Test applications around the world. Promess delivers the complete system including the mechanics, control electronics, all sensors, amplifiers and software. Promess also provides pre-project application engineering assistance, installation support, and training services.