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In partnership with ed2go, Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Professional Programs and Training (PPAT) offers online, test preparation workshops that help you face your test with confidence. EMU offers six-week, online test preparation for the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT. You'll be given assignments, practice tests and a non-graded final exam to help you measure your skills. Classes start the third Wednesday of each month and cost $100 per part/course.

SAT/ACT Preparation: Parts One and Two

In addition to preparing you for specific question types, these courses give you pointers on time management, anxiety relief, scoring and general standardized test-taking.

Part One tackles the verbal questions of the ACT and SAT. The ACT's Reading Test and English Test assess your knowledge of English usage, grammar and reading comprehension. Learn to maximize your time. Do your best writing for the optional ACT essay test; write the type of essays grading officials are looking for; and get a grammar and usage review specific to the rules you'll be tested on in the SAT.

Part Two provides what you need for the math questions of both tests. The ACT math tests your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and basic statistics. In addition to reviewing arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and basic statistics, we'll cover functions and other algebra II subjects now tested on the SAT.

GMAT Preparation

Gain test-taking techniques and methods for improving your score and saving time on the GMAT. Learn from an experienced instructor, assignments, practice tests and a non-graded final exam aimed at helping you to measure your skills and achieve greater success on the GMAT. 

GRE Preparation: Courses One and Two

Both courses cover time saving techniques for both the paper-based and computer administrations of the test. Course One covers all question types on the verbal and analytical sections of the GRE. Get what you need to succeed on the reading comprehension, analogies, sentence completions, antonyms and logical and analytical reasoning questions. Course Two features a math review and techniques for tackling the quantitative comparison, discrete quantitative and data interpretation questions making up the math section of the GRE.

LSAT Preparation: Courses One and Two

Prepare for success on the question types: reading comprehension, logical reasoning and analytical reasoning. Practice on actual past LSAT exams and learn test-taking techniques developed by The Center for Legal Studies and taught to thousands of pre-law students around the world.

Course One provides an overview of law school entrance procedures, a career in law and law school survival techniques. Get an intensive review of analytical reasoning questions including techniques for drafting the three most helpful types of diagrams, and explanations for and interpretations of correct answer choices. Learn the outline format favored by law school admissions counselors for preparing the writing sample.

Course Two provides an intensive review of reading comprehension and logical reasoning questions, including techniques for quick elimination of incorrect answers, explanations and interpretations of correct answers, and proven approaches for selecting the correct answers. 

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