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Coatings Research Institute

CRI's mission is to be a leading academic-based organization that develops relevant scientific knowledge for understanding and for expanding the science and technology of polymers, coatings, paints, inks, adhesives and related nano-based materials. 

CRI is dedicated to providing solutions to some of the tough problems facing the coatings industry. The Institute's competencies include:

  • Polymer synthesis, modification, characterization and testing. 
  • Coating formulation, modification and evaluation.
  • Fundamental research in material science: polymers, coatings, nanomaterials and technology.
  • Raw material evaluation and new product development.
  • Problem solving, failure analysis and process improvement.
  • Professional development and training in all aspects of coatings and raw materials.
  • Product analysis and characterization

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For More Information

Bob Lahiji
734.487.2040 | Fax: 481.0509

Meet Our Faculty

Jamil Baghdachi, Ph.D., Professor of Polymers and Coatings | Graduate Program Coordinator 

Frank N. Jones, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Polymers and Coatings

Vijay Mannari, Ph.D., Professor of Polymers and Coatings 

Weidian Shen, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Director, Surface Science Research Lab in the Department of Physics and Astronomy

John Texter, Ph.D., Professor of Polymers and Coatings